• Case Studies

    Mid Level European Retained Firm to Leading CEO/Board Firm
    Challenge: CEO spent 10 years trying to break out of mid-level search to CEO/C-Suite work. Non-existent brand and unable to win higher-level work. Revenues had been flat for 2 years.

    • As a result of our Discovery work we crafted a detailed Revenue Roadmap to support immediate Rapid Revenue Acceleration and sustained revenue growth
    • Launched a loud and differentiating Revenue Brand that distinguished them in the markets they served.
    • Recognized a significant opportunity to leverage their experience securing mid-level leadership for technology startups to launch a practice serving a targeted group of VC Firms
    • Increased annual revenues buy over 80% in our first full year of working together.
    • Increased average fee by over 50% in the first year.
    • Firm-wide training program that significantly collapsed the time required to grow from Associate to multi-million-dollar producing partner from 10-15 years to 2-5 years.
    • Firm grew from mid level contingent/retainer to fastest growing tech CEO/board search firm in Europe

    CEO of Start Up search firm, now in Top 50 Firms in the World.
    Challenge: Founder was in his early 30s, a junior partner in a major search firm who decided to quit and start his own firm. He did not have a personal or firm brand to leverage, or a strong group of reference accounts. Most of his search experience was assisting senior partners with their clients. He had never manage anyone.

    • When Jeff first met the client, he recognized that the client was a unique individual. He had read my book, and decided to use it as a template to build his firm.
    • Jeff Mentored and taught him everything he knew about building a fast growth Retained Executive Search Firm.
    • He learned the model that Jeff had used to build C&T, and replicated it seamlessly within his own firm.
    • Once Jeff taught him the “Follow The Money” Target Marketing Strategy, his firm successfully became the market leader in top tech markets.
    • The CEO adopted my branding methodologies and implemented the revenue acceleration techniques Jeff had taught him, firm wide with very little assistance from Jeff.
    • The CEO was Introduced to some of the top VC Firms Jeff had worked with, and he was a natural, leveraging those relationships into major strategic accounts.
    • The clien'ts own Revenue production was enough to self fund the growth of the company Today the company is a global search firm, considered one of the best in the markets they serve.

    Global Search Franchise Company
    Challenge: Franchise Company needed to increase the number of new franchisee affiliates and create higher retention. CEO desired stronger Corporate Brand and the ability to deliver advanced Revenue Acceleration Training and mentoring programs beyond their franchisees to increase overall Revenue, and enhance the value they delivered to their franchisees.

    • Client started as a keynote speaker at annual meeting. Client was creating and delivering specialized content for ongoing weekly webinars.
    • Worked one on one with franchisees individual branding and target market strategies.
    • Transitioned multiple franchises from mid-level to Executive Level Fully Retained Brands and Practices.
    • Increased the average fee
    • Designed and created new practice areas for multiple firms requiring New Market Positioning
    • Increased Franisee annual revenue and Revenues collected from franchisees.


Creating value for clients

“The things I like most about Jeff is he’s innovative and he gets things done himself. He knows how to work the network and the relationships that he’s built up and I’ve always been so impressed with the quality of people he’s been able to surface”

John Sculley, Former Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Inc.

“One of the reasons I like Jeff is that he’s very energetic and very aggressive. I guess you might characterize his approach as somewhat fresher from the normal recruiters that have the gigantic databases. He can dig in corners that they wouldn’t necessarily dig in and, as a result, Jeff comes up with some candidates that they may not have thought of.”

Lewis Platt, Former Chief Executive Officer, Hewlett-Packard Co.

"Jeff is a very hand on, involved, dedicated and passionate business partner who provides outstanding leadership in helping and mentoring our firm to establish & grow its sales, operational & strategic growth plans. He is an extremely likeable, friendly, helpful and driven professional with broad & deep experience within the Executive Search industry and the success of our firm today is partly down to Jeff's contributions. I highly recommend Jeff & his team.”

Simon Clark,Chairman & CEO at Clark Langdon Partners

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“If you want to build a successful business, Jeffrey Christian’s book offers the most essential lesson: Invest in the best people and do everything you can to hold on to them.”

—Vinod Khosla, Khosla Ventures


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