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  • Jeff's Background

    Executive Search

    Jeff Christian is considered one of the top 5 search consultants in the world. He has generated and billed over $500 million in Retained Search and has been named to the Forbes Midas List of the top 50 most influential deal makers for 4 years. He has placed leadership members in thousands of companies, ranging from IBM, Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard, and Apple to e-commerce companies such as Lycos and Netscape. Focusing on CEO, Board member and senior-level executive search and selection, his clients span high-profile early-stage companies to the Fortune 500.

    Private Equity

    Jeff has both founded and advised multiple venture funds. He brought a new paradigm into play with the first 'Talent Centric' technology venture fund, CT Access Ventures. The fund had a strategy of investing in only the top deals from Christian and Timbers' highest performing executive search clients. Jeff is also known as the top consultant amoung private equity firms who focus on talent. He specializes in identifying top CEOs and leadership team members, analyzing potential success of rollups from a leadership perspective, and coaching on 'Talent Asset Management'.

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  • Running Christian and Timbers

    Jeff Christian founded the executive search firm, Christian and Timbers, in 1980 and was the Chief Executive Officer for more than 25 years. He was also the founder and managing partner of the venture and business building company Technology Ventures, Inc., and of the venture capital fund, C&T Access Ventures. He has impacted thousands of companies in his career, ranging from high profile Fortune 500 companies including IBM, Microsoft, General Motors, Hewlett Packard, General Electric and Apple Computer, to venture capital clients such as Kleiner Perkins, Mayfield Fund and St. Paul Venture Capital.

  • Literature

    Jeff Christian's Fabled Book on recruiting

    Jeff Christian is author of The Headhunter’s Edge, published by Random House, the indispensable guide to advancing your career – and making your business more successful and profitable. The book offers valuable insight and advice on recruiting and retaining the best employees as one of the key components to corporate success. The handbook for search professionals, ‘The headhunter’s edge’ tells the story of the companies Jeff Christian influenced, built and transformed during the technology boom.


Creating value for clients

“The things I like most about Jeff is he’s innovative and he gets things done himself. He knows how to work the network and the relationships that he’s built up and I’ve always been so impressed with the quality of people he’s been able to surface”

John Sculley, Former Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Inc.

“One of the reasons I like Jeff is that he’s very energetic and very aggressive. I guess you might characterize his approach as somewhat fresher from the normal recruiters that have the gigantic databases. He can dig in corners that they wouldn’t necessarily dig in and, as a result, Jeff comes up with some candidates that they may not have thought of.”

Lewis Platt, Former Chief Executive Officer, Hewlett-Packard Co.

"Jeff is a very hand on, involved, dedicated and passionate business partner who provides outstanding leadership in helping and mentoring our firm to establish & grow its sales, operational & strategic growth plans. He is an extremely likeable, friendly, helpful and driven professional with broad & deep experience within the Executive Search industry and the success of our firm today is partly down to Jeff's contributions. I highly recommend Jeff & his team.”

Simon Clark,Chairman & CEO at Clark Langdon Partners

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“If you want to build a successful business, Jeffrey Christian’s book offers the most essential lesson: Invest in the best people and do everything you can to hold on to them.”

—Vinod Khosla, Khosla Ventures


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